Divine Replacement

by The Sound Down Cellar

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released May 22, 2014

Noplay Glancy wrote the songs, sang and played tons of stuff
Pat Belken and Noplay mixed and produced as a team

Something: Pat Belken-engineering, lap keytar, bass

so stupid.: Pat Belken- engineering, guitar, bass, feedback, support vocals and lap keytar

The Teacher Student: Pat Belken- engineering, lead guitar, lap keytar.
Paul Benson- bass guitar

to the Lynn fells track: Noplay Glancy- engineering

baby newborn: Jay Negro- guitar, engineering

color Bleed: Noplay Glancy- engineering

Just A Human: Jay Negro- engineering, guitar
Pat Belken- analog synthamasizer

leave your resume: Brian Connor- the lap steel and six string electric guitars
Pat Belken- lap keytar, newspapers and bubble wrap
Thanks to Abram Taber and everyone at the 119 gallery in Lowell for making beautiful sample worthy vocalizations that night

Daddy's Junkys: Jay Negro- engineering, 11 string guitar, lead guitars, chorus vocals
Rick Surette- lead manbourine,chorus vocals, spoken outro
Pat Belken: engineering on the lead vocal take
Thanks to Candi Bettencourt, Fred and the Bramante family for their kind words.

Mastered by Alex Miller at the DOJO in Somerville, MA
Cover artwork is titled "Saint Billy"
Thanks to my family, friends and all the musicians I've had the great fortune to play with.



all rights reserved


The Sound Down Cellar Boston, Massachusetts

We are a straightforward alternative rock collective with a side of pickles. We try to always leave room for shady propositions, making space for banjo only versions and club house remixes. The last show featured members who had met only twice, but felt like they were long lost shipmates, reunited. Please don't ask us when our set starts, cause it will probably change after we finish playing. ... more

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Track Name: Something
There's something coming out of me it's so huge I cannot conceive
what kind of lies will I believe to justify this breach?
I ran, but now it's come for me, I hide but now it's plain to see
I hear my lord, he beckons me to praise him from my knees
I choose to push reluctantly my womb it swells up like the sea
I fear it will devour me before I take it to my breast

There's something coming out of me I can't begin to comprehend
I'm tied to her, we cannot mend the bridges we've destroyed
I ran, but now she's come for me, I hide, but now I plainly see:
my love is here, so how could I not take her hand with glee?
Although I've lied defensively, I'm ready now to drink the sea
I don't know what will come of me, but know it too, will go
Track Name: so stupid.
I feel so stupid. My mind is putrid. I need you to
make me into someone else
You're such a big lady. I need you to save me. I need you to
love me like I'm someone else.
I'm selling self-hatred. You wanna be my patron?
I could use the money to be someone else.
I want you to take me. I want you to shake me. I need you to
make me into someone else.
This might sound crazy. I'm having your baby. I think it's gonna
make me into someone else.
Thought you should know this. I'm going to the abyss. It's the only
place I can be someone else.
If I could just become another someone then my problems
wouldn't be mine.
The time I waste in here this place body feels ungodly
I want divine replacement.
Track Name: the teacher student
He came to me tangled in hopelessness
tethered to lies they made him believe
Ready to fight, burning like fever dream
all I could do to give him relief was listen and agree.
When he came down, off of the crumbling ledge
I knew my words could help him break free
All of the love, all of the pain we felt piled like firewood there at our feet
I said listen now to me
Lies that people taught us they believed
thus constructing versions of reality
Your unique perceptions and trajectory can be altered
by deciding just what to believe
Track Name: to the Lynn fells track
Take Doe down to the Lynn Fells track
plow that track 'til the reds and the hollies grow
Shoney can't go so we'll send one back
send one back so that they survive the cold
Sew these holes in my grease-tow bag
grease-tow bag keeps the top 'o my body warm
Only not known is the lease impact
lease impact on the space we wanna farm
Clean those hands with a fireman's rag
keep those hands from what would do them harm
Track Name: baby newborn
I had a baby newborn, the thing was such a pain
every time I'd turn around it was raising hell again
Told that baby newborn, you listen to me good
be everything I said to it was never understood
Where's my baby newborn now?
We thought to name our newborn, nothing ever stuck
now we call 'er what she does, mostly chuckNsuck
I took that baby newborn to play out in the street
He kept on suckin' everything to find what he could eat
Where's my baby newborn now?
I tried to teach that baby what he was supposed to be
the way we're going she won't ever be as bright as me
I love my baby newborn so I set her free
A man keeps coming by from the MSPCC
If they new my baby, then they'd understand
nothing hurts a baby child living as a man
Where's my baby newborn now?
Track Name: color Bleed
I lift my head up to see the color start to bleed
It wasn't like I'd expect to be the one to object
It took the

outta me
We took the day off to see if what we felt was that she
could be another confessed to having took what was left
It might have

out to be
Our secret turned to the sea, my lover told me that we
were being fed to the best and shouldn't I be upset?
It felt like


(I knew this day would come)
Track Name: Just A Human
Alarm sound this morning, I had been lying wide awake
I got your message and I didn't hesitate to find you at fault
Now I wish that I could take back all the bad things I mis sent your way.
Day breaks and the water froze
Dirt cakes on my clothes
The way it aches she never shows
The toll it takes no one knows, but what is known?
You try so hard try to understand
everything you can, but you're just a human
What does it mean what had they meant?
Can we comprehend just where we went?
the blood wants to go so it summons the leach
the cause is applause the effect is the speech
what can be shown if not what we see?
Will we ever know just what we be?
Could you say it again, cuz I know I can know
could you let me begin to show what I sew?
You let me try so hard. Try to understan'
Everything I can, but I'm just a human
I'm just a human
You try so hard, try 'n' understand, every thing that you can
Be you're just a human
Track Name: leave your resume
I always separate the body from the name and you should do the same
The hidden path away is road disintegrate to the good inside
Go leave your resume with the people who'll beg on the streets for change
I won your jack-knife with a jaded ace of spades and with a pair of twos you won my only pair a shoes
Why should you be free?
It burns in effigy in a tired open vein just to show to me to disclose to me
The only medicine that will fight for liberty is the right to pain, we have a right to pain
Why should you be free when you've only half a mind to be carrying what you're carrying?
Now you're my step-wife and the cause of cavities in my baby teeth.

Who has a need to change?
Who has a plea to wage
Who has a debt to pay?
Who here is free to slave?
Who can we bleed to save our self?
Track Name: Daddy's Junkys
Back in the 90s I was such a junky that I'd be waiting for your latest flyer
For hours I would scroll through
until my fingers were ink stained and tired
Now I drive by where I used to see you in the old auto mall up the pike
and when I see that it's now a prom store, I hear my heart scream
This just isn't right! Where is my Daddy's?!
I want my Daddy's!! I miss my Daddy's Junky music store!
I feel so lost now, without my Daddy's!
Oh what I would give to shop there once more...

I did use craigslist too much to be innocent
and I shoplifted a flanger pedal
So, in part it's my fault, and it's some of my friend's fault
but we didn't know, we didn't know it would close
Now we miss our Daddy's
We need our Daddy's
We wish we could shop there just once more
We hate it at GC it makes us feel dirty
We long for our Daddy's Junky music store
We're Daddy's Junkys Daddy's Junkys
Daddy's Junkys Daddy's Junkys
Daddy's Junkys Daddy's Junkys
Daddy's Junkys Daddy's Junkys